Hey, guys, um. Welcome to my channel today. I'm going to be doing my dorm room tour at damn. You, um, I'm, just going to tell you a little about my r

Abeka K4 Arithmetic -6

Let's have fun in numbers time today, class Stan clappers up, I like that already boys and girls watching you get your clappers up clap with me. One,


Specific Heat #2

We can also change the equation around, where if we want to know what will be the change of temperature for an object, if we know the energy that was


What Is "32 Bit Float" And Why Use It?

We've all had this question, why 32-bit float the hell does that even mean my name is Mike from Ruling know, music. And today we're going to find out


How To Find Wraps On Need For Speed Heat

Hi everyone. Welcome back to my channel very often. I get messages from people with a question, how to find your app or can I find your design for yo